So yeah, this test, the one I liked better.


We got our results back.

I originally was just going to post the test sheet, but I had more fun breaking it down like this…

  Movements What I thought What they thought
1 A – Enter in working trot
X – Halt Salute

      Proceed in working trot

4 – Crooked af 5 – 2 tracking Cl, halt not straight
2 C – track right

B – circle right 20m

BK – working trot

7 – some unsteadiness in the contact 5.5 – quarters in
3 KXM – Change rein

MC – working trot

7² – need to use corners more 5.5² – not straight
4 Between C & H – Working canter left lead

HE – Working canter

6² – Need to use corners more 6² – calm departure
5 E – circle left 20m 6 – Slightly unbalanced, need to sit more 6.5
6 Between E & K – working trot

KA – working trot

7 – corners you baboon 6.5
7 A – circle left 20m stretchy trot

Before A – shorten reins
AF – working trot

6 – needs to take nose more fwd in the stretch, shape of circle 5.5 – nose needs to stretch out more
8 F – medium walk

FE – change rein medium walk

6² – horse too low at poll
9 EM – change rein, free walk

MC – medium walk

5² – need to stretch more fwd and down, more overtrack needed 5.5² – more overtrack and stretch needed
10 C – working trot

CE – working trot

5 – Braced transition, use corners 6
11 E – Circle left 20m

EF – working trot

6 – Unsteady in contact 6 – poll dropping at times. Something I have been unable to decipher that looks like St Rhy
12 FXH – change rein

HC – working trot

6² – Unsteady in contact 6² – keep fwd
13 Between C & M – working canter right lead

MB – working canter

5² – Braced in transition 5.5 ² – More engagement in up trans.
14 B – Circle right 20m 6 – Slightly unbalanced 6 – Quarters in
15 Between B & F – Working trot

FA – working trot

7 6
16 A – Down centreline

X – Halt, salute

4 – Overshot, crooked on CL 5 – off CL, 2 tracking
  Paces 7 6
  Impulsion 6 5.5
  Submission 5.5²
Total   58.93% 57.679%


I found this quite interesting, honestly.

I managed to guess the score within <2% of the actual result, which is a good indicator, and most of my thoughts tended to be within 0.5 of the score.




What seemed to differ is why I thought those marks should be lost. I was focusing more on the accuracy of the test and the steadiness into the contact whereas it seemed her primary issue was the location of B’s rear end. I have to admit this wasn’t something I thought was a huge issue (other than on the C/L – obvs) so I am going to go back and look again.

I may ask a second opinion from some judge friends to see if this is also something they see as being a glaringly huge problem as it’s not something that’s ever been mentioned as an issue in training (other than on the C/L – obvs), so perhaps I just needed my eyes opened to it.

Anyway, final results…



So close to third place!


Solidly middle of the field. And for all of those people who said I was a harsh marker, well it looks like I’m not the harshest one there is, so mwahahah.

I have no idea if we actually get ribbons for this, but I would love that because I love B and he deserves some shiny ribbon for putting up with me.

They seem to be having a bit of a fit trying to get my Prep scoresheet back to me, which is odd, but at the very least I will be able to compare scores. That’s hard because I found the comments the most illuminating. I wish there would have been collective comments, those are my favorite part.

Ah, well.


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  1. That is a really great idea to chart both your own scores/comments and the judge’s right next to each other. Makes comparing and contrasting really straight forward. You know, I am jealous of dressage/event riders with all that written information you get from the judges. I don’t show often, but when I do, I would love to know why my horse and I place (or not) and to get written comments on our performance. Thank you for bringing your readers along with you for your ride in this way!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gosh, you’re braver than me if you do showing. I dipped my toe into that pool and got terrified straight back out again.

      Not sure if it’s the same where you are but there seemed to be a lot of bitching, backstabbing and nepotism!

      Dressage is subjective but at least they have to justify it.

      Glad you enjoyed it, in the mean time I have some SERIOUS homework to do.

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  2. Interesting feedback. It’s always curious to me what different judges might pick up on (or comment on). Maybe this judge felt like the lack of straightness of the hindquarters resulting in the contact issues you were having. So she commented on the hindquarters vs. the contact.

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