Let’s head to the dumpster fire, shall we? Because I didn’t see this coming.



  Movement What I thought What they thought
1 A – Enter at working trot

C – Track right

4 – Crooked a/f 5.5 – Wavering
2 MXF – Describe loop in working trot

FA – Working trot

7 – Need to go further into X 6.5 – Must reach X
3 AC – Serpentine 3 loops in working trot 6 – Need to watch dimensions, unsteadiness into contact 7 – Straightness and rhythm
4 C – Working trot

MBP – Working trot

7 – Corners 7
5 P – Half circle right 15m diameter returning to track between R & M 7 – I had no idea how to judge this move but it looked okay I guess 6.5 – straightness and rhythm
6 C – Working trot

HXK – Describe loop in working trot

KA –Working trot

6 – Rhythm and shonky arse corners 7 – More accurate
7 ABR – Working trot 5 – Resisting 7
8 R – Half circle left 15m diameter returning to the track between P & F 6 – Some resistance 6 – Resistance on CL
9 A – Transition to medium walk

AK – Medium walk

6 – poll dropping and CORNERS 7 – Calm down. Trans.
10 KXM – Change rein in free walk 4 – Need to stretch down and forward more 5 – Tension, nose must stretch down
11 MC – Medium walk 5 – Need more consistent rhythm, and to I dunno… go into a corner maybe. 5.5
12 C – Working trot

CHE – Working trot

3 – Bracing in transition, no corner to be seen, unsteady in contact 6 – Early up. Trans.
13 EX – Half circle left 10m in working trot

X Straight ahead

3 – Twisting in the turn, not straight 5.5 – Inaccurate ½ circle, too small, not on CL
14 G – Halt salute 0 – Go home you’re drunk 5 – Not on CL, not straight
  Paces 7 6 Watch steadiness into contact and straightness
  Impulsion 6 6
  Submission 6 6
  Rider 5 6
Total   52% 61.25%


Not only did this do better than the Prelim test, we got over 60% and I have to say, I am honestly really surprised by that.

Perhaps there was an element of leniency with the expectations on the combinations in this class because it’s a prep test but I still think the prelim was far better than this one.

Obviously there’s an element of pisstake in the scoring there at the end which meant the percentage I ended up with wasn’t quite as close here as the Prelim example but I still think I didn’t do too bad in predicting the scores. I just really didn’t like some things whereas the judge sort of mildly disliked them… I guess?







So yeah, we ended up in second place by a smidge.

Certainly better than I was anticipating.

The sad thing is that EANSW came out with this statement yesterday…




…prompting the club to make their statement last night….




Which is kind of sad. Not because I care about the 20c ribbon but I would have loved to have them just as a reminder for how hard B tried for me.

Ah well!

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  1. That’s sucks. I get that there is no way to police these events and technically you could have just rolkurred your horse into the ground or rode the test 500 times before submitting it, but is anyone really doing that? The fun gets taken out of everything these days.

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    1. Yeah you have to question how this support is supposed to have any kind of relationship between the members and the organising body if they treat the riders like we’re a pack of untrustworthy dogs but oh wel


  2. That is a bummer about the awards. I too like to have a ribbon or some other prize to mark my horse’s work (I have a horse-head key chain that my now retired horse, Bear, won at a small show years ago. Worthless in money value but I would cry if I lost it), but I think that is great that your marks were better than expected!

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