So there we were, ride after ride feeling like we were taking two steps forward and then three steps back.



How I was feeling after each ride.


Things weren’t necessarily enjoyable but I was determined to push on and get through this rough patch, and this is where things got hard.

It’s not uncommon for most people to turn towards friends and other horse owners to discuss the issues we are facing, but sometimes I have found it just makes me more confused. No one else will ever know your full story, your horse’s full story, or feel what you both feel.

They can tell you what they would do (or have done) in your situation, and sometimes it will be helpful, but sometimes it won’t be because your abilities and issues aren’t the same or you don’t follow the same training principles as them… and then you end up back here.



How my brain felt after asking for help.


I have also found that in most cases, people will use times like this as a way of justifying their own choices rather than looking at your situation independently. And that’s fine. We all do it. It’s the same thing with asking people for tow vehicle recommendations. They’ll most likely advise you to purchase the same car/truck as them, and perhaps that is because they do believe it is the best but also because they are justifying their purchase, instead of advising what is the best fit for your situation.

Luckily, after brain farting all over some friends I trust implicitly, they allowed me to come to my own conclusion of going to Trainer J for a bootcamp rather than persisting on my own as some people suggested.

Naturally B caught wind of this and… *cue the disaster music please*…




I found him on 3 limbs in the paddock. Well, well, well. With the rate in which this happened the choices were either a broken leg or an abscess.

I poulticed that baby up and 2 days later we had sweet, sweet, goop filled relief.



Ear scratches on the floor make it all better.


A few more days to make sure he was 110% comfortable and sound meant this was easily the least dramatic lameness/abscess issue I have ever encountered.

Go you, B boy, go you.

Getting in with Trainer J also ended up being a super simple and quick process with a phone call placed on the Sunday, and B dropped off the next day. We decided (since she had never worked with either of us before) that the best plan of attack was for him to stay with her for week 1 where she would ride him and get a feel for what our problems were, and for me to ride him under her tutelage for week 2.

I left him there with all the reluctance and stickiness of the helicopter parent I am and waited to hear the verdict…

To be continued.


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  1. I cani magine the anxiety of leaving him with a new trainer. So bravo to you for being able to do it. Are you able to speak with this trainer by phone to see how it’s going? I await the results in your net post.

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