The arenas at B’s agistment facility are amazing.

They tend to hold up really well no matter the weather, so you can imagine my surprise when riding at home ground to a halt. In both arenas.

We had a solid lashing of rain on the Friday/Saturday/Sunday and the arenas were moister than an oyster.



Actual footage of the arena being rained on.


Which prompted the owners to say we would hold off using it until it had dried out a bit (something I thought was 110% fair) over the next day or two.

Unfortunately this meant his one day off had turned into a minimum 3 days off, but I was hopeful that come Monday when the sun made another appearance we would be able to ride but…



Actual footage of the property owners and I checking the arenas.


Tuesday was sunny as well but still didn’t give us enough power to get that arena base dry, so I am sitting there thinking “well f***, there goes all that hard work”, because the rain was coming back in on the Wednesday and then just… staying.

For like 2 weeks.



Actual footage of the weather forecast.


So at this point, I am sitting there and trying to think about how to work around this in the upcoming weeks. We can float to an indoor right?


This Friday I am entering into 10 straight days of full teaching, and these practicals have already been rearranged about 17 bajillion times thanks to COVID, and it is so important that we get these pracs done with the students for OH&S reasons that they are the only practicals in our faculty that went ahead (and will need to be repeated due to border closures but c’est la vie).

What’s a girl to do?



Apart from giving bum taps to good bois.


At this point, I figure I am “in for a penny, in for a pound”, and if I can’t keep him in work somehow then all the money I spent on Bootcamp won’t be nearly as “valuable”. Therefore, B will be heading back to Trainer J’s place on Sunday where they will be able to ride on some surface, rain, hail or shine.



B has been missing his bestie Herman anyway, so it’s probably for the best.


So now, all that’s left to do is keep him in one piece until Sunday and then…




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  1. This post sounds like a recap of my life in 2018 and 2019. I had just gotten a new horse when we had two years in a row of unusual amounts of rainfall with no good riding footing at home. It is SO incredibly frustrating when weather (and then life in general on top of that) conspire to effectively eliminate our riding time. Argghh . . .

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    1. Hahha you’re too right, and isn’t it fun to constantly blow you’re savings? Hopefully by the time he comes home if it doesn’t dry out (but it’s looking like it should) I’ll have the time/ability to take him into the university where I work because we have an indoor then.


  2. I hate being ungrateful about rain but yeah, couldn’t it just… move on to somewhere else for a while. I have completely given up on the idea of riding my horses this month.

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    1. So true! I’m really glad we have had all this rain because it’s looking like we will have a far better summer than last year, it’s just unfortunate my timetable doesn’t leave me enough time to float to an indoor or anything.


      1. I do not mean to sound flippant about the importance of money. I have had times in my life when things were tighter than tight money wise. I just mean that since you have already invested in the training it would be a shame to loose that. And there is a great quote I like: “Money talks….it says goodbye” Anyway good luck with whatever you decide and I hope things will dry out weather wise for you soon.


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