I am very pleased to say that since B has come home, things are both progressing nicely and the weather is playing by our rules (read: the arenas are staying dry enough to ride).

In fact, the weather has been SO nice it has had a tangible effect on my mood.

My Winter to Spring mood transition.

Does anyone else get this?

I can get really unmotivated and gloomy when it’s constantly raining/cold/overcast. But not anymore! On the weekend you would be forgiven for thinking I was consuming illicit substances such was the grin I could not wipe off my face.

It was slightly alarming.

Me, popping out of the bushes to ask if you also like the sun.

Bumpy being an absolute rockstar doesn’t hurt matters either.

Slowly getting them hands back under control…

Thank the lord for Pivo, because the OH is currently way on vet placement so I would have no media and no way of marking if the rides are actually starting to look better visually as well as just feeling ace.

I haven’t felt this good about riding in ages.

The added bonus is that I have become completely re-obsessed with riding and my horse, it’s actually kind of distracting because I am having so much fun.

Our first real attempt at a stretchy canter had me glowing.

God, I wish I had bitten the bullet sooner and started lessons with Trainer J months ago.

I wonder if any of the local comps will run before 2020 is over…

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  1. Awe…LOVE THIS!!! You two are looking amazing. I get burned out of riding around late July/early August from the relentless heat and humidity and then find the spark again in September when it starts to cool off

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