I just had to say it, didn’t I?

One day, I will finally learn to not jinx myself… one day.

Of course, I had set such a high bar for us with so many wonderful rides in the last 1-2 months it’s no surprise that young horses will go backwards sometimes.

After a wonderful jump lesson with Trainer J last Wednesday, we were given the homework to just keep practicing low jumps at home so that he remembered that whilst jumping is exciting, it doesn’t require quite as much *ahem* enthusiasm as he gave us the other day.

I set about to jumping at home with absolute relish.

Fortunately, the level of excitement had severely decreased by day two and we had a much more casual jump school than the day prior.

And this is where I tripped up.

I forgot just how bad the spring grass is for his brain.

This will never not be Bumper on Spring grass.

So after a day off, I jumped on him on Saturday and my god.

Crazy eyes engaged.

He was having none of it. And it did not help we had trucks showing up and a bunch of tractors etc. rolling around the place or that all the horses in the paddock next to us just decided it was zoomie time.

To be fair, there was nothing super bad happening, but he was not happy, so I persisted until he had calmed down a bit, got off and gave him a good lunge (had a quick panic over the phone to trainer J I had ruined everything) and put him away, vowing to try again tomorrow and see if this was going to be an ongoing problem.

Me on the inside.

Spoiler alert: it wasn’t/isn’t.

But hey, it’s always nice to be kept on my toes… I guess.

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  1. That little girl is Eeyore when he goes cross country…well until he remembers he is a fat cow and settles. HA! Glad this was just a little blip and he relaxed for you again.

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