Why am I SO bad at blogging right now?

It makes no sense. This should be prime blogging time for me with a reduced workload and a significant increase in riding and lessons.

Why am I like this?

Someone fix me please.

After B’s shenanigans that had me needing to sit with my head between my legs and take some deep breaths because “I had definitely, totally ruined him” I pulled my s**t together, rode him the next day with minimal issue and then went for my weekly lesson with Trainer J the day after.

Note: the following media was taken from our jump school at home the following day because I didn’t set the Pivo up for our lesson…

Spring also means a big itchy boy, thanks to the shifting coat.

When I grabbed him from the paddock and I could see he was still feeling a bit spicy but… eh. It’s Spring. I would do well to remember that all bets are off when he is feeling that sweet, green sugar rush.

Because we are jumping again and I have just about had it up to here with only doing flat work, we once again had a jumping lesson, and this time I told her we could head out the back to the big jumping/cross country area.

Someone thinks they’re brave in front of Trainer J, clearly.

I also finally got the Back on Track EQ3 Lynx and this was its first ride. I LOVE IT.

He did get quite excited out there, but we worked through it and he settled down enough so we could do some actual jumps. Which was nice, considering that was the whole point of being there.

The focus was keeping him calm on the approach, landing on the correct lead and keeping a nice, straight departure.

Basics…. We still sucked though.

Home boy was significantly less excitable by the coloured poles however, so we had nice improvement on the calm approach situation. He’s also very good with landing on the correct lead after a fence so long as I remember to think about it.

Keeping him straight after the fence is something I have definitely not paid enough attention to.

Straight into the fence? Sure.

But generally my brain is way too focused on the next fence and I have ignored the last part of the jumping equation – the departure.

Subsequently, this has made some issues with general course flow.

That baby jump grind, while we plug all the holes I drilled.

Ah well, I guess practice makes perfect and I will just have to jump more.

Poor me.

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  1. I too have blog issues. Last Tuesday my computer went down. My tech is supposed to be working on it. I blog better, plus I have files on there I need. Getting impatient. I write some from my phone. Being a pianist, the keyboard from my desktop is easy to complete the project.

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  2. Blogging can just be so time consuming that it becomes exhausting! I enjoyed watching your video. You look like a nice quiet rider. Is that a typical thing for a dressage ride to think is a good thing? Well I think it is a good thing so …well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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