My name is Ella, and I am merely a girl who loves eventing and my horses.

Sometimes I think I’m funny, so I write my thoughts down.

I have completed a Bachelor of Equine Science and should finish my Bachelor of Science (Honours) researching equine quality of life this year. I am super to lucky to have a career doing scientific research with horses and I refuse to take it for granted.

I tinker with various other hobbies including photography and playing the guitar, neither of which I am particularly good at but that’s life.

My current riding horse is a 5 year old ex racer who I have lovingly named Bumper, which involves a long and convoluted story funny only to my best friend and I. After a stellar 9 months together where I was sure we would conquer the world, he suffered a severe muscle tear which has meant some rehab, much time off and more tears and wine than I am proud to admit.

We have dome some Newcomer level eventing and played around with Preliminary dressage and 90cm jumps. Hopefully it won’t be too long until we get back there, but the focus is on a happy and healthy compadre.




Sabina Caliente

2 year old Warmblood x Thoroughbred

By Contenda out of Koyuna Brilliance (Brilliant Invader x Souvenir)

Will be broken in at the end of 2019



Sabina Climent

Yearling, born 30/12/2017 Warmblood x Thoroughbred colt

By Contenda out of Koyuna Brilliance (Brilliant Invader x Souvenir) and full sibling to Sabina Caliente

For sale.




Taisha Belle

Thoroughbred mare

Family Ties x Dearly Mist

1* eventer that showed me the ropes. Not my first horse technically, but the one I claim to be my first horse. Was leased her at the age of 14 and bought her when I was 16, she was with me through high school, moving interstate to university and stayed with me until she was laid to rest in November 2016.


Sabina Natural Disaster

Thoroughbred gelding

Fastnet Rock x Dim Sim

My equine soulmate who had no formal education upon purchasing. He had been in the paddock for almost 2 years. I trained him myself and we were jumping 1m and establishing elementary level dressage moves. A paddock accident saw him get kicked in the leg by another horse and fractured. He was laid to rest November 2016.



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