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The $900 Facebook Pony

May as Well Event


So, what would you do if you inherited a zillion dollars?

If you’re a horse person, you have played this game. Don’t lie.


The Property

Sometimes I think that I am a pretty simple person and I don’t need much, but honestly, if I had a zillion dollars I would want the house to be pretty damn nice. Added bonus for environmentally friendly and such. So it would look something like this …



With a beautiful country style interior…














It would have a second house of course for a fancy trainer to come live in, and they would be allowed to bring their horses too. All I would ask in return is they train me into a semi-decent rider…




I would follow that up with a lovely barn in a similar country/rustic style (it all has to be matching right?)



Admittedly, I would like this more rustic but there would no complaints here 


And it would have the indoor arena adjoining…




And never forget the impressive tack room for all my custom saddles and bridles:




I would definitely get a rehab/exercise physiology set up going with cool gadgets like water walkers and hydrotherapy baths, and the standard horse walkers etc:





And of course, a gallop track for conditioning:




Seeing as I want/love/try to event, I would put in a full Cross Country course. As in, enough jumps to run a competition – because if I had this property, I would totally run events there:




And don’t forget the multiple outdoor arenas, for show jumping and training and whatever, because I’m rich ok:






Also, this mythical property would be surrounded by the most gorgeous trails to ride along.




The Horses:

I would definitely get a really sweet schoolmaster competing at least 2* to help me find my way up the levels:


Nikki Richardson on Rudolf in the CIC 2 Star.jpg


I would keep Bumper (of course), because I do actually think he is quite talented when he isn’t be a brat/injured. He’s also kind of beautiful.




I am lucky enough to have my dream eventing baby already. She turns 2 in December! My beautiful girl is by Contenda and out of Koyuna Brilliance, who carries Brilliant Invader and Souvenir lines. Eventing bred? You betcha.

And I would definitely follow Hellomylivia’s example and have her started and campaigned by a professional so she is a bit more seasoned by the time my useless arse hits her back.




Moving forwards, being so rich, I would buy future young stock instead of keep breeding myself. It’s a lot of hard work and there’s less of a gamble when they’re already out and on the ground *cough chestnut cough*.


The Transport:

I’d probably get some super luxe truck to roll around in (because why not) for competitions and anything requiring an overnight stay




But for the day trips, I’d go something more conservative like this




And pull it with a Landcruiser Sahara, ’cause this is livin’ Barry.



The Job:

Not a real job, because I am a zillionaire and work is for chumps.

But I would obviously need to do something with my time, and I think what would really make me happy is having an Off the Track retraining program based on my property. With the rehab facilities, and an OH who is a vet… well.. half a vet… but eventually a vet… it would be nice to set something like that up.

I think that would make me very happy.



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